UNTIL: The Prequel

UNTIL: The Prequel

With the return of our digital publication, UNTIL, we’re taking stock of the past six months since we initiated this project… of course it’s a different world now. And with this revamped magazine, we are looking to play with time and space as a way of fumbling forward to what might (or should) happen next.

For the upcoming Fall 2020 issue of UNTIL, the theme will be The Prequel.

Borrowing heavily from speculative approaches to franchises, but also the possibilities of futurisms in its multifaceted forms, the Victoria Arts Council is looking for submissions ruminating on the idea of a prequel.

What came before this? How does a deep dive into under-acknowledged histories allow for a better understanding of how to be now as well as how to be better for the future? Where do the lines of experience blur into what is felt, what is knowable, and what is needed? How does this location of an Island on which we find ourselves reinforce the possibilities of where we might end up next? Will your work be a re-imaging of this time and place? Perhaps you are an echo of cells and actions of the past millennia? May it be literal or metaphorical, we would like to see your interpretation of this theme.

The Victoria Arts Council is seeing submissions of literary works (poetry, prose, essays, criticism, and non-classifiable texts), visual art, moving image, and audio / musical arts to include in the upcoming issue of UNTIL: The Prequel.

Please send us your art as either Word, Pages, PDF, Jpeg, PNG, GIF, MP3, MP4 or .MOV to be considered for this special issue of UNTIL… to be published in Fall 2020. With your submission please include:

- Bio (max 250 words)
- Artist statement (max 500 words)
- Title, date, medium and year of work

** All submissions must be sent to [email protected] with the subject line -- UNTIL: THE PREQUEL

DEADLINE: 15 October 2020 @ 5PM

All contributors will receive an honorarium as well as one free annual membership to the VAC.
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