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The Victoria Percussion Orchestra is a weekly percussion ensemble class based in Victoria, BC.

We learn rhythms from West African & beyond on a variety of instruments including djembes, dununs (bass drums), balafons (wooden xylophones), shakers, log drums (krin) & iron bells (gankogui).

Some of our class members some are brand new to this music - some have been playing for a number of years. In this class we use a mentor method of learning that allows new members to learn the basic patterns (step-by-step) and build their skills in an ensemble setting. We respect all levels of experience, and learning styles. If you are not sure about a pattern or how an arrangement works, you can get help from more experienced members - we are all here to help each other.

As a current member of the class, you can access supporting materials that help you to learn the basic patterns and arrangements. These are found on the website: The first step is to create a password and log in with your email address at any time. If you do lose your password, you can easily re-set at any time using your email address.

We also do regular performances, and you have the option of joining us on stage, if you would like. You can start with the most basic parts and build from there as you skills and knowledge increase.

​We have been very fortunate and honoured to have studied played with some of the world's best percussionists, including Giovanni Hidalgo, Bruno Genero, Naby Camara, Mamadou Diabate, Weedie Braimah, Amadou Kouyate, Kinobe Herbert, the Kalabante African Acrobats, Raquy Danzinger. We have also shared the stage with Juno Award winner Alpha Yaya Diallo, and opened for Ricardo Lemvo and Makina Loca.
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