"World" Online International Juried Exhibition

Posted by: Gallery Ring
Gallery Ring is excited to go on a trip around the world!
Artists are invited to submit and share works of places that
they hold dear because of personal significance
or that simply made a lasting impression and captured
their hearts forever, such as their homeland, favourite travel spot,
beloved park or restaurant, cherished street or creek,
grandmother's house, treasured church etc.

Each artwork must be entitled with its respective location:
(title) specific place_town/city_ country.

For example: "my backyard_Paris_France", "Beverly Creek_Toronto_Canada",
"married here_Venice_Italy", "first trip_Brooklyn_New York",
summer hangout...favourite beach ever...best eatery spot, etc.

2D artwork including photography/digital is eligible.
All artistic styles from realistic to experimental are welcome.

Many awards are available including "Best In Show".
(cash prize and free submission voucher)
All award winners and random finalists will be featured and
promoted on Gallery Ring's Instagram during the event.
Let Gallery Ring recognize and showcase your talent.
$20 USD for 1-3 pieces

Get on the map! Submit today!

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