Call for Applications – Co-production Opportunity

Call for Applications – Co-production Opportunity

Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard Productions Society, a Vancouver based, non-profit theatre company, is
seeking a theatre company to help co-produce a play in Western Canada (Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton,
and Winnipeg). The play entitled I Am Not a Girl was successfully mounted in Vancouver in June, 2018.

The play I Am Not a Girl tells the unique story of Eric – born into a large family in the 1970’s and assigned
female at birth. They spend the first part of their life masquerading as “Erica”. When they begin to question
their identity, they are propelled on a journey of self-discovery, embarking into a world of drugs, sexual
encounters and failed relationships. They finally reach a revelation they can transition to the gender that
they have always truly identified as – male. With this promise and the incredible support of a loving mother,
“Erica” faces the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of transitioning to their authentic self, Eric.

If selected, you will be contracted as the primary lead on the production; running all operational aspects
including but not limited to:
• Selecting and confirming an appropriate venue in the city of choice
• Scheduling and managing a full run of the show
• Recruiting and managing all cast and crew as appropriate
• Producing all costumes and props
• Coordinating and managing rehearsals
• Promoting the play and selling tickets

If selected to co-produce the play, you will have access to:
• $15,000 CAD to be used at your discretion for all aspects of the production including: cast, crew and
producer fees, costumes, props, venue fees etc.
• The original script owned by Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard Productions Society
• An original painting commissioned by the Society; to be used in branding if decided
• Archived footage of the Vancouver production
• A .8 commitment by the society’s Executive Producer and creator of I Am Not a Girl
• Use of the society website currently maintained by WIAN Branding
• An advertising and publicity strategy used for the Vancouver 2018 run
• Completed sound design that can be altered at little cost by the sound designer
• Partially completed projections designs (new cast will necessitate new video projections)
• Template collateral material (posters, flyers, program)
• All takings from ticket sales

Cover Letter: Please send us a one page cover letter (PDF or .doc) outlining why your company/group/
organization is a fit to co-produce this play. We are seeking companies/groups who identify as part of or are
a strong ally to the LGBTQIA2+ community.
• Past Experience: EITHER a PDF (4 pages max.) or online link showcasing all past shows that you/your
company have produced, with accompanying images.
• Two References: That can speak to your accomplishments
• If shortlisted, you will receive a copy of the script for review.
• If shortlisted, the society would be delighted to arrange a follow-up interview and showing of the
archived footage from the 2018 run.

All shortlisted candidates will receive a response on or before October 30th, 2019.
Please submit all applications to our Project Manager Sean at [email protected]
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