Exhibition Artist-Curator Paid Internship

Exhibition Artist-Curator Paid Internship

This 6-month, full-time, paid internship is contingent on funding from the BC Arts Council’s Early Career Development Program. This position collaborates closely with the Festival Director and Head Programmer to conceive, create, and install a media art exhibition for the 2020 Victoria Film Festival, February 7-16. This exhibition will help map the next chapter in VFF’s trajectory, building on meaningful links to our community and showcasing the best in diverse local, national, and international media art.

The Exhibition Artist-Curator will:
● Assist the Festival Director in the curation of the VFF 2020 public media art exhibition;
● Create a new media art installation in response to an icon of Canadian cinema or visual artist, interpreting the impact of the filmmaker/artist’s work;
● Select additional media artworks to fit the exhibition themes;
● Develop and carry out community engagement initiatives in concert with the public media art exhibition;
● Work with the Festival Director to integrate uncanny film-going experiences into the festival;
● Work with the Festival Director, Head Programmer, and guest artists from diverse cultural backgrounds to develop ideas into compelling narratives for the program guide and website;
● As Exhibition Curator, lead visitors through the exhibition to provide context for artworks;
● Scout and research contemporary display technologies to fit into the design of the exhibition;
● Assist in bringing the festival to life with event design and promotion, including light shows, prop design, and construction for the media art exhibition;
● Build database of media artist and artworks during research.

● Possesses a keen understanding of media arts in Canada;
● Looking for the opportunity and resources to create media artwork in dialogue with the oeuvre of iconic filmmakers/artists;
● Technical skills and experience creating media art installations;
● A deep interest in the power of film as an expressive medium;
● Be interested in pursuing a career in the arts, as curator or artist-curator;
● Demonstrate a command of written language;
● Have experience drafting engaging narratives in curatorial or programming statements.

In order to be eligible for support from the BC Arts Council ECD program, you must:
● Be a B.C.-based early career professional individual artist, arts practitioner, or culture worker. For the purposes of this program, early career and emerging artists and arts practitioners are defined as those who have completed their peer-recognized basic training in their discipline or art form (not necessarily in academic institutions); AND, are either under the age of 30, OR have completed their school/training program in the last 5 years.

Wage: $19.50/hour, 37.5 hours/week, for 26 weeks: 1 October 2019 – 27 March 2020.

To apply, please submit your CV and a cover letter stating why you wish to work with the organization, how your artistic practice will aid you in the position, and the importance of the internship to your career development. Send to [email protected] by May 28, 2019. Selected applicants will be interviewed.
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