Auditions For Goodnight Mister Tom

Auditions For Goodnight Mister Tom

Goodnight Mister Tom
Written by: David Woods

Directed by: Shauna Baird


November 7 – 24, 2018

Tuesday to Saturday* nights – 8 pm curtain (*NO evening show the first Saturday of the run)

Saturday matinees – 2 pm curtain


DATES: June 16 (9 am – 12 noon), June 17 (9:30 am – 12:30 pm)

CALLBACKS: June 18, 6 – 9 pm

AUDITION LOCATION: Langham Court Theatre – 805 Langham Court

Please use the Stage Door entrance

TO BOOK AN AUDITION DATE / TIME PLEASE EMAIL Julie Newson at [email protected]


The play centers around William Beech and Tom Oakley. Early in World War II, William is billeted with Tom in rural Dorset. Oakley, a reclusive curmudgeon, has been a solitary resident for 40 years since he became a widower and lost his infant son. Beech is an illiterate, bruised, and starving Deptford evacuee. Oakley nourishes Beech physically and emotionally until Beech’s mother calls for his return to London.

In the second act, Beech is back in Deptford as the Blitz continues around him. With no father figure (his father died several years earlier), his mother, a “militant Christian of the fire-and-brimstone variety,” again influences his emotional demise as she abusively raises a “found” baby daughter.

The play deals with the idea of love and how it can both heal and destroy. It also discusses how art can help to heal those with psychological damage.


Billeting Officer – efficient, no-nonsense female

Tom Oakley – 60’s, a loner

William Beech – around 10 years old, deprived evacuee

Sammy – a black and white collie dog (we will require a cast member to be a puppeteer)

Charlie Ruddles – ARP Warden

Mrs. Fletcher – housewife and mother

Doctor Little – the local doctor (could be male or female)

Mrs. Anne Hartridge – school teacher

David Hartridge – her husband, trainee RAF pilot

Carrie – a redheaded twin, around 11 years old, an academic

Ginnie – her twin sister, same, practical

George Fletcher – 10 years old, youngest son of Mrs. Fletcher

Miss Thorne – local librarian and amateur dramatics producer

Zach – around 11 years old, Jewish evacuee, from a theatrical family

Mr. Miller – proprietor of the post office/stores (could be Mrs. Miller)

Miss Miller – who helps her father in the shop. Late teens, early 20’s (could be Mr. Miller, husband of Mrs. Miller

Vicar – young, enthusiastic

Mrs. Beech – William’s mother, strict, prim, mentally disturbed

Ticket Collector – (London)

ARP Warden – (London)

Glad – warm-hearted Londoner

Policeman – solid and strong

Nurse – young and sympathetic

Sister – stands no nonsense

Mr. Stelton – a psychiatrist


We will have access to a dialect and accent coach, so don’t let the accent prevent you from auditioning. We want to see everyone!


Interested in other volunteer opportunities for Goodnight Mister Tom? Please email Julie Newson at [email protected] to find out more information.
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